Is There A Way To Firm Up A Soft Mattress?

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Q: Dear Apartment Therapy readers, I have a great mattress that I love but that my boyfriend can’t stand to sleep in (not a joke). He was recently diagnosed with a bulging disc that make soft mattresses very uncomfortable, and while he only spends some nights at my place, his back hurts so badly after sleeping on my mattress that he’ll just sleep on the carpeted floor next to me, although this isn’t really comfortable for him either…

I purchased the mattress/box spring set only 2 years ago, so I can’t rationalize or afford to buy a brand new one. Also, I bought it because I absolutely LOVED the feel of it for me and I’ve never slept better. I should note, the mattress is on a box spring and is supported by wooden slats across a bed frame, so I doubt it is a foundation issue, I think it’s just the very thick pillow top that isn’t supportive enough. Any suggestions for firm mattress toppers or other possible solutions? Thanks so much! -Sent by Sleepless in Seattle

Editor: Ooh, interesting! There are so many toppers that add softness and fluff, but I’ve never heard of ones that subtract softness and fluff. Readers, how can Sleepless make sure that the mattress in question is comfortable for all involved parties? Thanks!

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