What “Must Have” Tech Can You Live Without?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Despite living in a DINKY household, we’ll frequently browse Ohdeedoh (We love kid-friendly concert posters, OK?). But earlier this week they posed a question that lends itself well to our world of Tech here on Unplggd: What so-called “must-have” items are actually pretty easy to live without?

To be sure, there are plenty of varied definitions of “must-have.” And probably even more confusion when we’re talking about technology, which is really a luxury in itself, and not parenting.

As far as our Google skills can take us, we can’t find any device that Unplggd has deemed a must-have. But that doesn’t stop the rest of the media and your own social circle from placing the “must-have” label on everything from lighting and stoves to cable television and the iPhone.

But it can’t all be necessary, right?

I lived most of my life in a 5-bedroom house, without a dishwasher.

The reason for living without one wasn’t space (like so many of my New York City friends who live hand-washed lives). It was just not a necessary item in my household. Dishes piled up in the sink throughout the week, then were scrubbed and cleaned by hand each time it got full. While some might deem a dishwasher a “kitchen must-have,” I know perfectly well that I could very easily live without it.

How about you guys? What “must-have” tech (by your, your friends’ or society’s standards) can you live without? Tell us in the comments!