Is There Such a Thing as Too High Tech?

Is There Such a Thing as Too High Tech?

Taryn Williford
Dec 2, 2010

We love our smart phones. We love it even more that our smart phone knows how to talk to our camera. But we think there's definitely a point where our household appliances can cross the line from being "smart" to going all HAL 9000 on us—or at least it seems that way.

A friend passed along a funny link this morning. Freelance writer Lucy Luginbill wrote a piece for the Tri-City Herald, the local news outlet in the Tri Cities, Washington area, called "Outsmarting my new dishwasher."

Her "confrontation with this exceptionally engineered appliance" ended in a two-(wo)man battle of man vs. the machine. One one side, a mother and daughter furiously trying to the decipher an appliance operation manual, and on the other, a stubbornly smart dishwasher. They vowed not to give up.

After we read the story, it occurred to us that our "smart" devices are really only as smart as the humans who operate them.

If you can't (or won't) be willing to get to know all of the exceptional features of your devices like Lucy and her daughter, there's no use in keeping up with the latest tech.

Are high-tech appliances and home automation a good thing? Yes, but only if you're going to use them. Much like an amateur photographer, we think people should choose appliances that suit their skill level. There's no shame in a dumb dishwasher.


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