Is This the Apple Television Steve Jobs Imagined?

Is This the Apple Television Steve Jobs Imagined?

Gregory Han
Nov 1, 2011

Have you read the Steve Jobs biography yet? Even if you haven't, we're sure you've seen the Steve Jobs' "I've Cracked the TV" quote making the rounds, whetting the public's appetite for Jobs directed technology in the coming months and years. One concept artist, Guilherme M. Schasiepen, has taken the quote and made it his own, envisioning an Apple branded HDTV like no other...

Designer Guilherme Schasiepen describes the idea behind his vision of the iTV:

In this concept, the iTv, is a tv made of steel and glass and is extremely thin. It also brings an IOS completely renovated and incredible new features such as TV Apps, including a app store only for this device. and include the No-Glasses 3D technology, FaceTime HD, iCloud, AirPlay, Siri Control, and of course the multitouch screen.

Many will criticize this new feature but I think it would be nice to make things clear that the iTV would not looks like a regular TV like those we have today, with this new feature it would be very interesting also because it could be used in schools as an interactive screen, aiding the learning of children and adolescents, and I'm sure many will say this is technology from the future, but its important to remember that in 2007 the touch screens with good quality, sensitivity, resources and possibilities of new technologies were also considered the future, and this revolution in every single product is one of the main features of the company.

It also would have some other specifications as the size of the screens would be either 32", 42" or 50'' and nothing less than 1TB and 2TB of storage.The Siri would be used to control the TV as "go to channel 7" or "save the Two and a Half Men show" for exemple, a wide range of options would be possible like people is doing with the Siri iPhone 4s but the iTV would also still have a remote control.

A 360 degree view of Guilherme Schasiepen's Apple iTV concept here

And Schasiepen doesn't stop there, with a duo of concept models of what he thinks the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 may look like. Of course, three of these designs are simply for-fun/frustrating guesswork for rumor-mongering entertainment, so don't be surprised if Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive have something completely different in the pipeline.

[via Guilherme Schasiepen via 9to5mac]

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