LA Good Questions: Help, I Heard My Building May Be Torn Down!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A nervous neighbor of ours, knowing we blogged for AT, left an anonymous note under our door: Help, my landlord’s a tyrant. He won’t let us use our building’s parking spaces and now I hear that he’s trying to get us all out so he can raise the rents or sell the building. Who do I contact?

After we took a moment to be grateful that our landlord’s a great guy, we did some research and discovered The Coalition for Economic Survival. A grassroots organization that conducts free tenant workshops Saturdays and Wednesdays, they’re the place to call if you’re having problems regarding your relationship with your landlord, want to know your renter’s rights, are frustrated that your landlord has neglected to make much needed repairs, or live in fear that your building may be sold and demolished to make way for luxury housing (a big trend in our neighborhood). For more information, click here


[Image courtesy Rich Anderson]