Is Your Baby An Ophiucus Now? Have Astrological Signs Changed?

Is Your Baby An Ophiucus Now? Have Astrological Signs Changed?

Carrie McBride
Jan 14, 2011

Personally, I've never had much interest in astrology and horoscope signs but there's quite a hubbub among my Facebook friends (and the rest of the internet) right now about whether there's been a historical misreading of the astrological calendar and a shift in dates associated with different signs. I'm not a Libra anymore? And what's this about a 13th sign?

Why this topic is having its 15 seconds right now is not entirely clear. A quick search came up with an article on this idea on Live Science (filed under "Strange News") from 2007. But, hey, who am I to argue with the forces of the internet!

Rather than try to explain the brouhaha here, I'll point you toward these articles:

Your Astrological Sign May Not Be What You Think It Is (Live Science)
No, Your Zodiac sign hasn't changed (
There really is a 13th zodiac sign named "Ophiuchus" that you've probably never heard of ( - I know, it seems like a strange source to cite, but I'm a big fan of "the Hot Word" feature every day)

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