Is Your Office Your "Off-Limits" Space?

Is Your Office Your "Off-Limits" Space?

Taryn Williford
Jun 25, 2010

After a pseudo-argument with my live-in boyfriend over a few (messy) stacks of my important papers that he had moved around to clean up for company, I arrived at (what I thought) was a compromise solution: Let me design a proper home office space—one with plenty of room and where all of my stuff is completely off limits to your bit-by-the-cleaning-bug hands. Here's why he vetoed the idea.

Our current home office consists of a tiny desk that's barely big enough for our PC monitor and keyboard—which he mostly uses. I, on the other hand, do my blogging and bill-paying from a MacBook stationed in the living room.

As you can guess, I often leave unsightly trails of cell phone statements and unpaid bills in my wake. But—allow me to recite the organized-chaos-believer's motto—there's a method to my madness. When he cleans, it messes up my flow. I need a space where I can leave my piles undisturbed.

I proposed that we upgrade our desk space and that the boyfriend grant me a tiny bubble of our apartment where my paper piles lay undisturbed. He vetoed the idea.

Since our home office does double-duty as a guest room, he argued that it's first on the list to get straightened up when we've got guests. It makes sense, sure. But if I can't have my office be an off-limits space, what other options are there?

Readers, do you have a long-standing treaty with your S.O. to keep their paws away from your office? Can you recommend another spot for me to call my messy own? Let us know in the comments!

(Image: Photo illustration based on Gregory's Refreshed & Refreshing Home Office)

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