Is Your Teen's Room A Screen-Free Space?

Is Your Teen's Room A Screen-Free Space?

Alison Gerber
Apr 28, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

There was a time, way back (way, way back) when I wasn't allowed a computer in my bedroom. But now, in the world of laptops and iPhones galore - is anyone really stopping teens from having screen-time in the privacy of their own itty-bitty space?

A few months ago I shared the story of a friend who felt their family's screen time was out of control. One thing about it that really struck me was that every kid had their own laptop in their bedroom! Way back in the early days of the internet, my parents would have gone mad if I'd suggested this. All we had was a single computer in a public, high-traffic space in the house, so that the oldies could monitor the internet usage of us young ones.

But is that all just behavior of a bygone era? With young people more internet savvy than ever before, do they still need this kind of supervision? With the kind of parental controls available for internet browsing, is a real, physical eye still necessary?

On the other hand, there's the issue of space. I personally share a bedroom with an office because we live in a tiny apartment where a duel-function room is our only option. What about when teens need study space and their room is the only place for it? Are laptops, iPads and the like okay when limited space is an unavoidable issue?

So, let's hear it - readers who are Moms and Dads of teens - does your teen have a screen in his or her room? How do you manage it? How do you feel about it? What do you wish you could change?

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