Inspired by One Artist, People Are Making Mini Chairs Out of Objects Like Lemons and Fish Sticks

published Apr 11, 2020
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While in isolation at home, people are finding creative ways to entertain themselves. You’ve probably seen some of your friends recreating works of art, for example. Through the design blog Swiss Miss, we learned about a strange and wonderful social media art challenge. Using the tag #isolationchair, people are sharing chairs they’ve made out of household objects.

The challenge started with Spanish designer Max Enrich, according to online magazine Sight Unseen. While under isolation, he began making chair-shaped sculptures out of pantry items like pasta and cereal boxes.

 “I wanted to build something, and I thought about starting with a chair, but I couldn’t find even a wood strip or rod, or a bit of clay around,” Enrich told the publication. “And then I realized you can represent a chair with almost anything — the idea of a chair with almost anything. So I picked a few items from the shelf and took these pictures, and then I innocently posted them on Instagram with the caption ‘send me yours.’ I might have received around 150 already! I feel so curious about the proposals… Specially about the non-designers. Love them all!”

The chairs inspired by Enrich’s originals are playful and inventive.

They’re made of everything from lemons to paper clips to matches.

Some are simple, others intricate.

Many would be cool as full-size, functional chairs.

(If the flower chair could become reality, why not these too?)

Not all of them look comfortable…

…or durable.

But we love that they make us feel like we’re getting a glimpse into other (tinier, more whimsical) worlds.

Plus the creativity is just impressive.

What materials would you choose for your own isolation chair?