Isopropyl Alcohol: The Super Hero of the Tech Cleaning World

Isopropyl Alcohol: The Super Hero of the Tech Cleaning World

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 23, 2010

If your tech could use a little de-gunking, don't turn to mystery chemicals under your sink, instead head to the medicine cabinet. Our gadget cleaning super hero is none other than Isopropyl Alcohol and here's 5 ways to put its super powers to use!

Isopropyl Alcohol's best friend is a cotton swab. Try pouring some in the bottom of a shallow bowl (think a teaspoon or two max) and using the swab like a mini-sponge, go through and dig the dirt out. Because it evaporates quickly it can go where other cleaners can't and gets the job done well! Here's a few places we put it to use regularly to keep out gadgets gunk-free:

• Cell Phones: It is ridiculous how dirty they get, especially in the sweaty summer months. Remove the back and the battery and try cleaning in between the keys and around the edge of your screen (if you don't have a protector on). Make sure to swab the inputs and buttons around the edge as well!

• Car Or Scooter Key Fob: Your car's "beep it" can get awfully gummy after floating around in your purse or pocket day after day. Remove the back and battery and you can clean almost every surface inside and out. You won't believe the dirt you uncover!

• Keyboards: Clean your keys and wrist rests in a snap with a good swabbing, don't forget the holes for your speaker or the hinge to open and close if your working from a laptop.

• Camera Lens Grooves: Although you might require other specialty cleaners to take care of the inside of your camera body and lens, when it comes to the outside, alcohol has you covered. Just use a swab to get into between those grooves on your lens, around your shutter and setting knobs and even on the back that rests against your face each time you shoot.

• Gaming Controllers: Although we know you do your best to be Cheeto free while playing Boom Blox, it's easy to get little bits of food other assorted couch gunk up in your controller buttons. Clean trigger, buttons, keys and cords and you'll be playing grime-free!

Image: Too-Hectic and Conney Safety

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