How To Create Your Own Ringtones Mathematically

How To Create Your Own Ringtones Mathematically

Jesse Leikin
Apr 26, 2011

It has been said that the golden rectangle is the most aesthetically pleasing shape around. It uses a combination of mathematics and design to create a unique and intriguing object with many fascinating characteristics. While math has frequently been associated with visual design elements such as the golden rectangle, what would happen if mathematics and music theory were used to create new and unimagined music? WolframTones is a musical creation tool that uses mathematical algorithms to design familiar, yet excitingly new compositions.

WolframTones is an interesting tool because it allows users to either let the computer do most of the compositional work through randomly generated presets, or it allows the user to dive deeper into music and mathematical theories to envision something entirely new and unique. First the user chooses a musical style. This selection taps into the Wolfram database to find a generic match for one of the 15 styles. Afterwords, composition controls can be used to change instruments, adjust tempo, and even determine the beat. These features range from simple to understand, to complex aspects of music theory.

One of the great things about WolframTones is that every time you create and adjust the settings, you will get entirely new results. This is because of the aforementioned database that does not pull an exact composition, but rather a starting point that fits the style you selected. With an infinite number of combinations, you will be sure to find some that sound familiar, but never exactly the same.

WolframTones allows for anyone with an interest in music to create compositions and share them with their friends. If you really enjoy your creation, there is even an option to send it to your phone as a ringtone. So every time somebody calls, you will be reminded of how much you really do love your geeky side. Be sure to check out WolframTones and let us know how your creations turn out.

Prefer music composition with a more visual process (aka, "me not so good with math" syndrome)? Give Isle of Tune a try for some music making with a SimCity style interface. You can apply the Golden Rectangle, but executed while city planning.

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