It’s Not Too Late! 5 Things People Don’t Do Enough (But Should)

published Sep 8, 2016
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Have you ever opened up the refrigerator to discover last week’s leftovers taking out a new and seriously unappetizing lease on life? It’s okay. You’re not alone. In light of the fact that modern life keeps us all on our toes (and some things are way too easy to let slip through the cracks) here are five things we should all pencil into our calendars on the regular, ranging from simple to stink-prevention.

Back Up Your Computer

Technology is great… but it’s also kind of unpredictable. You never know when something is going to go awry (I’m looking at you, college Macbook, and all the photos you took down with you), which makes backing up the important stuff a must. Ideally, you can set yourself up with a system that automatically saves everything you create in real time, but weekly or monthly backups to a cloud-based option like Dropbox or an external hard drive can be just as much of a life (and photo) saver.

Sharpen Your Knives

Remember the last time you sharpened your kitchen knife set? Yeah, me either. It turns out they require a little more attention than that magnetic knife strip in my kitchen is currently giving them. Stainless steel knives should be honed after a couple of uses and sharpened at least two or three times each year. Just think how much more fun chopping vegetables will be with a sharp blade!

Turn Off Your Phone

It can be hard to walk away from your devices (thanks for that, Instagram). But it can also be so good—not just for you, but also for the device itself. While most smartphones don’t really need to power all the way down the way your computer does, allowing the battery to drain to zero percent so your smartphone dies can actually make the percentage count on your battery more accurate. Try it once or twice a year, but don’t be afraid to walk away from your device for other reasons, too.

Clean Out The Fridge

Ah, back to the would-be mutant leftovers. I may be overcompensating for a childhood where leftovers were unceremoniously tossed after a mere day in the fridge, but it’s also possible I should take a cue from the spotless refrigerator my mother maintains. A weekly cleanse of any and all lingering perishables is a great place to start, while a quarterly deep clean will keep the inside of your fridge looking and smelling fresh.

Spend Time On Self Care

What if Sunday Funday isn’t actually where it’s at? What if there’s a better way to spend part of your weekend? Dedicating a day—or even just an hour—to being intentionally kind to yourself sounds kind of awesome, whether that means going for a walk, reading a book, or drinking a green juice. And working some self-care time into your Sunday schedule may just be the perfect way to reset for a new week.

What is one thing you don’t do as often as you should? Share it below!