iTamTam Lets You Sit and Charge

iTamTam Lets You Sit and Charge

Kristen Lubbe
Jan 12, 2010

There have definitely been times that we just cannot stand for one second longer and have resorted to sitting in some pretty random places. One item that we know we've never sat on &mdash an iPod dock.

France based company Branex wants us to sit on our iPod docks now, which is why they will soon be releasing the iTamTam in the states.

"It weighs just under 11.5lbs and is rated at 70W. Beneath the cover are four 1.5-inch tweeters with 10W of maximum power handling and a 5.25-inch subwoofer rated at 80W max" according to iPodnn who witnessed the iTamTam first hand at CES. 70W-80W is not too shabby considering it will most likely be used in a living room somewhere by somehow who would never use it to its full potential anyway.

Our main concern &mdash the design. We're not sure about the placement of the iPod, it looks like someone could easily forget it was there and snap it off. We're sure there wil be a time or two in the history of iTamTam that someone uses the iPod as a back rest and isn't too happy to discover that their iPod is now broken and on the floor.

Only time will tell. The iTamTam will be available in several colors: black, white, pink, blue, orange, red, purple, green and yellow. Price is a little steep if you ask us: $570.

[Engadget via iPodnn]

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