iTravel Charged: On-the-Go iDevice Charging Alternatives

iTravel Charged: On-the-Go iDevice Charging Alternatives

Jeff Heaton
Nov 3, 2011

iDevices make excellent travel accessories. The iPhone has your gps, point and shoot, and just about everything else you can think of in your pocket. iPods are a basic necessity on any long jaunt. But all devices need a charge after a while, and charging on-the-go is a problem. Either there's too few open plugs or people aren't watching where they step and crush your handy (and expensive) hardware. There's a better way to go and stay juiced up. Here are our alternatives for your next journey...

1. Plugbug ($34.99)
When you've only got one outlet and don't want to plug your iDevice into your computer this accessory for the standard laptop plug makes charging both easy. Plus a wall plug gives a higher charge than your laptop and both can charge to max capacity simultaneously. We like it for crowded airports, cafes and hotel rooms with limited outlet space.

2. Mophie Juice Pack Air ($79.95)
One of a few battery-case solutions, this thin accessory holds an even thinner battery that extends the life of your iPhone. We like how little bulk the Air adds and especially the functionality of the Macbook-like charge checking button. It also purports to improve the sound, which we haven't had the chance to test, but we're all for it.

3. Minidock ($20)
If you plug your iDevice into the wall or your laptop it's generally got a lot of slack, enough to hang itself you might say. It's also prone to getting stepped on in busy locations. We like the Minidock's ability to keep our iPhones out of harm's way with the added bonus of making it more usable.

4. Versa Charger PRO ($36.70)
This multi-charger can juice your device everywhere you can plug something in, from the outlet to the car and the plane. It comes with accessories for US, UK, Australian and European outlets and two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at once. We like that we can carry this device and leave all other batteries at home.

5. Extra Batteries
While we certainly like these less than a battery held within the case, we do acknowledge that sometimes there just isn't an outlet to be had or you've forgotten your outlet convertor. An extra battery is for times like these. Plenty of people make them, from Mophie to Kensington. We like the stand that comes with Kensington's and that the Mophie boasts faster charging times. We'd consider these if you're going far off the grid but still need your devices.

(Images: BoxWave, Apple, Mophie, BlueLounge, Twelve South, and Flickr user futureshape under creative commons.)

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