It's an Awesome Clock, But it's Not $1200-Awesome

It's an Awesome Clock, But it's Not $1200-Awesome

Taryn Williford
Feb 17, 2009

Yeah, you read that right. No, I didn't forget a decimal. It's a flip clock—just like the kind you could get at goodwill for $2.50 or your parents' attic for $Free.99—and it must be made from the beaks of long-extinct Dodo birds, because that's the only reason it should command such a high price. But we really do think it's beautiful. And it wouldn't be such a hard DIY...

The original Font Clock from Established & Sons (below), which we guess is no longer manufactured, featured the time displayed in 12 different classic fonts for $450. That's almost $40 a font, if you're keeping tabs.

Now, the Model 2 Font Clock features the same twelve fonts at a mysteriously inflated price of $100 per font. It does feature a flip month, day and date in addition to the time, so that must be worth the $60 per font surcharge.

We would much rather find ourselves an old flipper at a thrift store, take the sucker apart and Modge Podge our very own selection of font-styled digits. Cost per font: printer ink.

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