It's Easy, Baby: DIY Abstract Art with a Twist

It's Easy, Baby: DIY Abstract Art with a Twist

When I first saw this painting (on the left) at my best friend Rachel's loft, I thought she'd splurged on an expensive work of art. The colors and composition are really striking, and the framed large-scale piece looks lovely hanging next to a pair of Noguchi silkscreens. When she told me how she'd really acquired it, I couldn't believe it!

Turns out her baby boy Skye was the artist. And no, he's not some pint-size genius like the cute little girl in My Kid Could Paint That. And Rachel, who loves modern art and design, would never try to pass the piece off as "Art" — but it looks great, has sentimental value and was a ton of fun to make.

In Rachel's words:

"I just get a bunch of poster boards and lay them out on the ground (it helps that we have concrete floors and that I don't care about making a mess). I dump out all the finger paint colors and strip him down to a diaper and let him crawl around in the paint. He sits in it, crawls in it, licks it and slides all around. I've been doing this with him since he was about 7 months old (he's 16 months in a few days)."

Cool, right? Skye loves his painting, too. He points to it nearly every day with a proud little look on his face.

If you don't have easy-clean concrete floors, a sturdy painter's tarp would protect your carpet or hardwood, and finger paints are a cinch to clean up. Not every piece will be a keeper, of course, but it's entertaining to keep trying.

Since I don't have kids, Skye is going to make me a piece. I can't wait! If you're not lucky enough to have a cherubic baby to borrow, I wouldn't advise trying this DIY with your cat or dog, but who says grown-ups can't play with finger paints at home?

Images: Rachel Ehlin

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