It's Fashion Week! Here's Why You Should Care (Even if You Don't Like Fashion)

It's Fashion Week! Here's Why You Should Care (Even if You Don't Like Fashion)

Jennifer Hunter
Sep 10, 2014

Who me? Yep, you! Everyone needs clothes to put on their bodies, and here's why you should pay attention to which ones you choose. Let's talk about it.

Does it seem ostentatious when models walk down a runway to bumping house music wearing dresses that cost more than your rent? Of course it does. That's the point; Fashion Week is all about publicity! But behind what may seem like fluff is a global industry which supplies millions of jobs, has far-reaching environmental and human rights repercussions, and influences (and draws influence from) all other areas of design.

(Image credit: Jennifer Hunter)

But first things first, when it comes to your personal style, staying aware of Fashion Week happenings is not only helpful in knowing what will soon be available to buy, but also to alert you to what you might reuse from your own closet. About to ditch that embellished blouse? You might think twice when you see similar designs are the newest trend. Or maybe the runway will inspire you to switch up your look and try a new beauty direction (that can be as affordable as a new tube of lipstick).

(Image credit: Haper's Bazaar)

"3-D" at Bottega Veneta via Harper's Bazaar

Perhaps you're not interested in staying on trend, but you still need to buy clothes. Like everything you buy, your dollars are supporting the practices of the companies who make your products. Maybe you pay more for eggs that come from happy chickens or for fair trade coffee? Clothing manufacturers experience economic pressure just like any industry, which may lead them to cut corners or rely on shady production methods. Remember this 2013 garment factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1,127 people? They were making clothes for the likes of H&M, the Gap and Walmart, all while earning the world's lowest minimum wage — just $38 a month. If you're at all concerned about human rights, educating yourself about the garment industry and rewarding good practices with your wardrobe dollars is a great place to start.

(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)

Or maybe you're a decor addict, pure and simple. Well, we've got news for you: today's runway trends are tomorrow's decor (or sometimes the other way around!). That trendy color you're seeing on the runway right now may just make its way to your bathroom towels next season. Creatives in every design industry have a uncanny way of plugging into the feel of the season, whether they're designing your next cocktail dress or your new curtains.

Bottom line: there's a lot more to Fashion Week than models and martinis. It's the culmination of thousand of factors and will affect millions of people, even you. So pay attention!

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