Re(al)view: Germ Guardian's UV-C Pluggable Air Sanitizer

Re(al)view: Germ Guardian's UV-C Pluggable Air Sanitizer

Sonia Zjawinski
Nov 13, 2008

It's no secret that I have a lot of animals in my house, but I always hope I'm not given away by the scent permeating in my abode. I'm pretty good about cleaning the litter box as soon as someone deposits a gift, and making sure that rugs, couches and litter areas are vacuumed and thoroughly clean. That said, sometimes when I come home things don't smell so fresh. In an attempt to keep things smelling fairly decent when I'm not home to pooper scoop I tried Germ Guardian's UV-C Pluggable Air Sanitizer...

According to their site, the plug-in air sanitizer uses UV-C light, the same tech used in hospitals to sanitize, to kill bacteria without chemicals. The light is supposed to kill over 98% of airborne bacteria including airborne mold spores. Air is drawn into the product by a fan, which then passes through a chamber and exposed to UV-C light. Fresh air is pumped back out.

I decided to plug the thing in my bathroom, where two foster cats were recovering from being spayed. The socket I plugged into was directly above the litter box, so there was plenty of dirty air to suck in and clean. When powered on, the sanitizer makes a faint whirring noise as it sucks air in. A band of blue light comes on to let you know it's on.

One really cool feature is that the plug can be rotated on the back so you can angle the sanitizer any way you'd like.

I started my experiment in the evening. When I went to the bathroom towards the early morning there was no mistaking that one of my feline companions had gone to the bathroom before I had a chance to. The plug-in didn't seem to do much of controlling fresh odor, so I scooped and left the bathroom to make tea. I returned a few minutes later to sniff out the results, only to find that the stench was still there! Hrmph.

Over the course of the next few days I noticed that the plug-in wasn't very good at controlling the odors coming from my feline fosters. So much so that I ended up unplugging and reinserting my Mrs. Meyers plug-in freshener. Just after a few minutes of going back to Mrs. Meyers I felt like my $13 diffuser was doing a better job freshening things up than the thirty-something UV-C!

Sure, Mrs. Meyers was only masking the smell, but hey lavender with a tinge of street cat is much better than straight up street cat.

photos: soniaz

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