It’s Official: Mindfulness & Meditation Can Improve Your Mind & Body

updated Mar 11, 2020
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As a fan of mindfulness (and a wannabe fan of meditation — I’m still working on cementing a practice) it was both surprising and delightful to hear the news that while meditation didn’t have a ton of scientific proof to support all the healthy-living claims its fans have made for years, it does now. A recent study delivered some strong evidence that meditation is scientifically a brain game changer.

According to a blog post from The New York Times, How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body, a recently published study in the official journal of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (Biological Psychiatry) produced some hopeful results and had the brain scans to prove it. It’s not just about making you feel more relaxed; it sounds like there might be a medical benefit for your body, as well.

The blog post by Gretchen Reynolds does a great and succinct job of explaining the study, so head over to The New York Times to read more. Or, if you like reading through complex scientific journal articles, you can read the original study titled “Alterations in resting state functional connectivity link mindfulness meditation with reduced interleukin-6: a randomized controlled trial.”

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