iTunes Wireless Sync & MacBook Battery Calibration

iTunes Wireless Sync & MacBook Battery Calibration

Range Govindan
Jan 27, 2012

There's definitely something awesome about wireless syncing. Although syncing isn't that time consuming, depending on the amount of data that you want to share with your iOS device, the wireless option just makes everything easier. And if you haven't calibrated your MacBook's battery in a while, here are a few more tricks to drain that battery faster.

Enabling iTunes WiFi Sync
1. Your Mac and iOS devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network and running the latest version of iTunes. Your iOS device will need to be plugged into power.
2. Open the settings tab on your iOS device and navigate to iTunes WiFi Sync.
3. You'll see a list of available computer on your network. Select the computer you want to sync with and press 'Sync Now'.

From now on, your device will sync wirelessly with your computer.

MacBook Battery Calibration Shortcuts
We've mentioned how we calibrate our MacBook's battery faster before, but here are a few more tricks that we've discovered.

4. Keep WiFi Turned on: If you've stopped calibrating your MacBook's battery because it just takes too long to drain the battery, keeping your WiFi turned on will drain it faster. We suggest you do this a couple of hours before going to bed, allowing ample time to set this up. If you've got another computer or iPad, that always makes things easier as well.

5. Download or Stream Files: Another way of further draining your battery, once you've switched the brightness to the max, stopped the HDs and screen from going to sleep, and switched on the more performing video card (if applicable), then you can stream stuff from YouTube or download files to drain your battery even more.

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