I've Got Color! Contest: Regan's Visceral, Vibrant Kitchen

I've Got Color! Contest: Regan's Visceral, Vibrant Kitchen

Oct 19, 2005

Name: Regan
Location: San Antonio, Texas

Why I use color:

"The color choices in my kitchen help banish weariness. The vibrant hues awaken my senses - all of them. Color shouldn't be a one-dimensional experience, felt only through the optic nerve. Color should be visceral. It should engage all your senses, especially in a kitchen. Although this is traditionally a cooking space, for me it serves more as a space for kick-starting my day. The yellow reminds me of sulfur in its crystallized form. It burns the eyes, flares the nostrils. It wakes me up as well as a shot of espresso does, without the jittery side effects."

Color Tips:

"Don't think about the future. Instead of worrying about whether the landlord is going to make you repaint something or whether or not something will appeal to future buyers, focus on what you want. You deserve as much happiness as your landlord, and a splash of color can sometimes make a world of difference. I don't recommend this approach for historic houses, but if you can safely undo it in the future, indulge yourself now. Your happiness is worth the rework.

Don't fear unintended uses. If you're attracted to a set of colors for a room, you're probably attracted to it in other parts of your life, too, so branch out into other departments when looking for accessories for that room. I found myself picking up wrapping paper and scrapbook paper in the same color scheme as this kitchen, which made for a great 3D piece when combined with a hip frame. Two magnetic office strips were turned into a spice rack. A set of "CHILL" hangers intended for a teen's bedroom became hooks for my potholders and kitchen towels with a little glue and some magnets.

What's past is present. If you don't have to always have the latest styles, the decorative tchotchke in last year's hot color functions just as well as this year's, and it'll be on sale now or available at second-hand shops. The paint and the mixer were the only things I got right away in this kitchen; the rest has been collected here and there, and now that my friends know the color scheme (I carry the blue and green into the living room), I find myself being gifted with great trinkets that go with the feel of the rooms."

Color Resources:
Pick up a conversation piece for your place you can be sure none of your friends will have with Etsy's Shop By Color tool: //www.etsy.com/color.php#goods.

Behr's ColorSmart tool lets you test a color you're considering in any type of room and then offers coordinating shades to try on the trim and accents: //www.behr.com/behrx/workbook/.

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