I've Got Color! Contest: T & CM's "Mod About Blue" Living Room

I've Got Color! Contest: T & CM's "Mod About Blue" Living Room

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 11, 2005

Name: Tod and Corey Marie
Location: Lansing, MI

Why we use color:

"Running a small press comic book publishing company, we live and breathe art. We moved from San Diego into a tiny apartment in Lansing, Michigan, in order to escape the inflated cost of living and finally be able to run our business full time. I.e.: no more day jobs! We needed a space that would function as our home office – but also a cozy apartment to "go home" to at the end of the day.

Using color and design, we were able to take an already small space and transform it into a functional space suited for working AND relaxing."

Color Tips:

"Accessorize with Color. In order to keep the room warm and not too bright, we chose to accessorize with our brightest color, instead of using it on the walls. This helped to spread the color out through the room, and kept our room from looking like a Jack-O-Lantern.

Use White Effectively. Even if you like a lot of color, stark white will enhance ANY color. White trim looks good in any room, with any colors on the walls. A white stripe just above the halfway point in our room also makes our ceilings look much higher. As artists, we've also found that working around white (For instance, a white wall, with a white desk) helps us stay focused. Too much color in a room where work needs to be done can be distracting.

Use Your Favorite Colors! Ignore trends and what "would look good" and go with the colors that you like best. By choosing colors we liked, we already had many accessories for the room, without buying much at all.

BONUS Color Tip:

Split the difference: In other rooms in our apartment, we used a "Harvest Gold" in both our Kitchen and Bathroom. In the bathroom, we paired it with Greens, and in the Kitchen, with Oranges and Red. By going opposite directions on the old color wheel, the rooms feel vastly different, and it was one less can of paint we had to buy."

Color Resources:

"Scrapbooking Stores: Visit a Scrapbooking store, or just browse the Scrapbooking section at your local Everything-Mart. Look at what color schemes they've put together, and see what works and what doesn't.

Art Galleries: Our room was directly inspired by a painting by Dee Adams. We found her gallery by searching on Google Image Search for "Minimalist Art." We used the painting as a starting point, and went from there."

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