I've Got Color! Contest: Elisa & Jim's Wild Green Ozzie

I've Got Color! Contest: Elisa & Jim's Wild Green Ozzie

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 21, 2005

Name: Elise (and Jim!)
Location: Beautiful Lansing, MI

Why I use color:

"This is the first place we've owned instead of rented (or worse, slept in the basement). I was compelled to go a little wild after years of enforced white & beige (and especially after two years of a hideous apartment with swamp-brown industrial carpet and dark knotty-wood wall paneling).

Green has always been my favorite "looking at" (as opposed to wearing) color thanks to the "Oz" books. My living room makes me happy when I am sitting in it, and we finally have a home to which we can invite people! It's the first thing people notice: "your apartment is so colorful!"

I'm looking forward to the summer feel of this green during the long, drab Michigan winter. But...I don't think the Until Dawn curtain is going to provide much insulation!"

Color Tips:

"Pick a color - just decide! Chances are you won't regret it. Don't let the naysayers have their way, even if your significant other is just not sure about a chartreuse bedroom.

Keep an eye out for your carefully chosen color everywhere you go - Target, church bazaars, curbside, Craigslist. Once you start looking for tiffany blue or goldenrod, it'll magically pop up everywhere.

If you're shy but want to dip your toe in the color pool, start with a low-dollar or low-committment project. My first venture was an ancient pressboard coffee table, a quart of lime green paint, $10 worth of Loteria cards, and clear polyurethane; over one long weekend it was transformed into a fabuloso folk-art accent and I was hooked. Plus I wouldn't have felt bad about curbing it, had it not turned out!"

Color Resources:

"From the Dept of the Obvious: the internet, especially eBay. Who can pooh-pooh a service that lets you type your desired color and product into a box and provides you with hundreds, even thousands of reasonably priced products you never even knew existed - shipped to your front door? Where else could I find lime green leather remnants, a $40 calfskin rug, and MAC cosmetics in the middle of Michigan?

That being said, another great color and design resource is relationships. Face to face ones. It's easy to type, point, and click to furnish your entire pad without ever speaking to a real person. If I hadn't stopped into the rundown resale & antique shop down the street one Saturday, I may never have talked to the nice teenage girl working the counter. I might have never told her I especially liked Mid-C stuff, and she might never have set aside that $20 glass & chrome cocktail cart just for me!

Bonus resource: the public library. It's free – whoot!

Thanks for looking, everyone!"

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