I've Got Color! Contest: Michael's Color Driven Master Suite

I've Got Color! Contest: Michael's Color Driven Master Suite

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 24, 2005

Name: Michael Z.
Location: split level condo, Chelsea, MA (outside boston- entire apt. is 650 sq/ft)

Why I use color:

"I think that color, more so than objects or furniture can drive the personality of a room. I always had issues with stark white wall so rental spaces, mainly because as a designer I would always be thinking "what would these walls look like if they were green...blue, gray, brown?" there is something emotionally empty about white rooms. I feel they lack personality, almost like an vapid person, in architectural form.

It is also the best way to convey an overall mood depending on the way a particular room is intended to be used, and has an immediate impact on your emotions and thoughts. It can highlight a theme, a trend, an architype...and it can be changed fast and cheap."

Color Tips:

"tip 1)I like to look at all the traditional resoures for inspiration- magazines, nature, advertising, fashion.But I think the best thing to do when choosing colors you can live with is to look at items that you own and love, the clothes you wear, your shoes, your jewelry. take clues from those things and blow them up to room size scale.

tip 2) if you are a color novice, make sure you pay attention to shades and values of particular colors. Don't just go to the store looking for "orange". The actual shade you want may be more ochre, or coral, or yellow. always take second, third and fourth looks when using color combos- just make sure they feel right together.. a shade off and you could suffer from the "something doesn't feel right" feeling that haunts many people."

Color Resources:

"1 - www.colorlovers.com

2 - www.colorschemer.com"

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