I’ve Got Color!: Catch Your Breath!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With Kristen and Karen’s entries, we arrive at a decisive moment in our biggest contest yet (see last East Side Entries).

Opening our arms to the country we have fielded 37 entries from the east and 28 from the west, including cities such as Austin, Boulder, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Cincinnati (to name a few). Through the web, we have reached into a total of 65 homes that have been lovingly worked on. We have been presented with over five dozen amazingly varied, spunky and colorful achievements that range from bedrooms to nurseries to whole studios to living and dining rooms. Not everyone likes orange (though many do) and not everyone had a great camera (though a few did), but the truth is out and it’s time for you to finish your voting (Go to the Contest Page with all entries).

Tonight, our five in-house judges are going to determine the top five submissions in the east and the west (10 total) by looking at your voting. Tomorrow we begin the East Coast Color Rumble and the West Coast Color Rumble.

And before the separation begins, thanks to everyone who submitted and congratulations for submitting. Whatever your entry looked like, you’re the best for having the gumption to get it out there.