I've Got Color! Contest: D & G's Cool Water Colors

I've Got Color! Contest: D & G's Cool Water Colors

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 25, 2005

Name: Dorio
Location: Murray Street, NY

Why I use color:

"I am in a creative field and work at home. I need something to give me energy, especially when it is cold and dreary outside. I love walking into our apartment and seeing the bright colors! It fills me with optimism and wakes up my brain. Yet it is also very calming and is great for my creativity. This is a studio, so the bed alcove that you see is delineated in "tequila lime", while the rest of the space is 'delectable" blue, and white. Color is such a personal thing, like music, but these colors really work for us."

Color Tips:

"Take your color cues from an item you love, a textile print, plate, painting, etc. and use it as a cue for your color combinations. We fell in love with the blue and green hues in the painting of the woman's face and went from there.

Sometimes breaking the rules leads to spectacular results. I thought my husband Greg was crazy when he suggested painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls, and was going to leave it white, but at the last minute at the paint store, I decided to just go for it. Then I painted the mirror frame with the leftover ceiling paint. We love the results!

When using such strong colors, it is better to accessorize sparingly.
Too much stuff, along with the bright colors, can be overwhelming."

Color Resources:

"Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer software program. This is free on the Benjamin Moore website (www.benjaminmoore.com) and can also be found on the Janovic Plaza website (www.janovic.com). It is very useful to be able to see different colors together in a room, especially since you can choose trim, and adjacent room colors as well.

Janovic Plaza, which is located one block from my apartment. Very handy when you realize halfway though the job that your ceiling needs yet another coat of paint. The people there are very helpful, knowledgeable AND friendly."

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