I've Got Color! Contest: Mary's Exotic Red & Soothing Blue Studio

I've Got Color! Contest: Mary's Exotic Red & Soothing Blue Studio

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 25, 2005

Name: Mary H.

Why I use color:

"Once upon a time, I moved in with a boyfriend who promised me that once his roommate moved out, I could decorate the spare bedroom to my
heart's content. In the meantime, he limited my "decorating" to changing light bulbs and toilet paper, and I began a four month campaign to paint the scratched walls in the bathroom. He relented and gave me a list of 5 colors I could use: blue, green, grey, black and white.

I painted the bathroom walls a color called "Chaste". I visited his parents who had mostly white and beige walls, and I realized everything was a lost cause. I left before his roommate did.

Every apartment I've lived in since then has had at least one Exotic Red wall."

Color Tips:

"If you're afraid of strong color, remember that you don't have to paint a whole room to get a good punch of your favorite color. I snuck color into my ex's place by buying colorful accessories and making a batch of purple pillows. Take it slow if you need to... The most comfortable rooms in your house are the ones that evolve with you.

For small rooms, bright colors will open up your space more than light, dull ones. My house looked smaller with the default matte ivory colored walls than with three white ones and one red one.

Remember that everything you buy has color in it. Count your neutrals
in your palette when you think about color. My red and blue wouldn't be crisp without the white around it."

Color Resources:

"When I'm out shopping, I carry a little plastic envelope of paint chips and fabric swatches. If you have art or anything else you want to keep in mind, you can include thumbnails of that as well. Think about texture as well as just the color. A lot of the surfaces in my house are glossy so everything's that much brighter.

Instead of looking at interiors, I like to look at art photos and graphics. Three of my favorite books for this house were "Pink Rose Suite", "Minimalismo/Minimalism" and "Red" [of course]. I also started collecting postcards and other graphics in my color palette, to see how people handled it.

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