I’ve Got Color Contest: Voting Sucks (but it’s fun…)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Interestingly, straight ahead voting raises so many questions that we have been forced to ponder our own outcome so far. The central issue is that a totally democratic vote tends to reflect the will of the people, but not the will of many of the people who value subtlety, complexity or perhaps just a more alternative take. Perhaps this is why our founding fathers created the (so we thought) ridiculous electoral college to guard against the will of the people running wild.

You see the problem?

Other issues involve people who had their submissions put up earlier and who seem to have garnered more votes. For this issue we say “Then why didn’t you get yours in earlier!” and consulted with our resident statistical genius, SiteGeek. This is what he says:

someone commented in the east coast top 6 thread that people are more likely to win if they’ve been posted longer. i took a look at that. the avg score is hardly correlated at all with age of the entry. they aren’t more likely to win if they’re older.

however, the margin of error is highly correlated with age (we get more certain of the score the longer the entry stays up) cuz there are more votes.

In light of all of this and with respect to the fact that there are, however, a number of entries that the judges felt deserved recognition and didn’t get into the finals, we’re going to post a few that garnered honorable mentions during the course of the day.