I’ve Got Color Contest: Honorable Mention – Abbe

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Abbe’s submission garnered a great deal of praise for the way in which she chose to mix her colors based on memories. This was a highly original and non-decorator approach, and her pics were lovely. However, the quirky and personal approach was not for everyone and the crowd demurred. Here are some raves:

SKGR: My personal top choice is Abbe. I love the variety of colors, the richness of the room, and how it still remains light and airy without being all “minimalist” and overly-modern. Color working in a more traditional style. I liked that a lot. I found many of the lime greens and bright reds colors that I would not be able to live with.

wende: I just keep going back to this room and smiling.

Jenny McCarth: My favorite so far! Finally, an entry that is NOT primarily obsessed with a single color.

dani: OMG I love it. Delicate, yet strong. Very personal.

lou: Beautiful. There is color everywhere but it is not overwhelming. Everything just works!