This New Wallpaper Brings English Country Cottage Style Anywhere You Hang It

published Jun 22, 2020
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a house exterior covered in ivy
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Picture yourself stepping into an aging English manor house—or perhaps even a crumbling medieval castle. A cracked pane of glass or gaping window frame lets a creeping vine run wild within the parlor. It’s dreamy, romantic, and like something out of a storybook or the setting of where the love interest proclaims his undying devotion to a Jane Austen leading lady. Now, it can be your bedroom, living room, or library thanks to a collaborative wallpaper from Calico and design firm Charlap Hyman & Herrero

Called “Overgrow,” this “lush and verdant” pattern, as it’s described on Calico’s website, is a watercolor-like vine motif “adorned with a variety of insect life.” It starts dense at the top, and shoots into fingers of foliage that reach for the baseboards.

“Overgrow” reads more like a hand painted mural than sheets of wallpaper, meaning it will add a taste of homeyness to the space you’re working with.

The design was specifically created for the Gobelin Room at the 12th-century castle Schloss Hollenegg in Austria.

“The designers distort the distinction between the decorated interior and the wilderness beyond, while referencing the presence of historical landscape wallpaper throughout the castle,” the wallpaper’s story reads on Calico’s site. “Installed amongst the furnishings of a stately bedroom and large tapestries from the 17th century, the mural teeters between a romantic suggestion of man’s poetic relationship with nature and an ominous reminder that all buildings will become ruins eventually, overtaken by the untamable.”

“Overgrow” comes in six different colorways that range from realistic and romantic greenery to a dark, moody nighttime gardenscape, to warm, autumnal bronze vinery.

If you’re looking to turn your space into a greenhouse any Austen heroine would find herself pondering life in, this design may be your perfect match. Samples of “Overgrow” start at $10.