Jackson Pollock: Painter, Physicist, Pioneer

Jackson Pollock: Painter, Physicist, Pioneer

Tess Wilson
Jul 7, 2011

The world of physics has recently given major props to the work of Jackson Pollock, revealing that a painting technique some might dismiss as "random" was actually an in-depth, intuitive study of "certain features of fluid dynamics years before physicists thought to study them". In honor of his newfound scientific célébrité, here are my favorite Pollock-It-Yourself Apartment Therapy posts…

First, check out Wired's "The Cutting-Edge Physics of Jackson Pollock" by Lisa Grossman. She explores the ways Pollock's work has been studied, and celebrated, by art historians, mathematicians, and now, physicists studying the mechanics of "coiling". I would attempt to describe this phenomenon in physics, but I think it would be better for all involved to let the experts at Wired explain. My favorite quote is, "The first physics papers that touched on this phenomenon appeared in the late 1950s, but Pollock knew all about it in 1948." Hah! Take that, science! (Just kidding, science. Physics, you know I always loved you. Just not as much as I loved art.) And now, to bring a little Pollock magic into your home...

• Check out this post about Joe Fig, who creates miniature versions of artists' studios, including Pollock's.
• Drip painting is the perfect project for kids, and there's a fun tutorial over at Ohdeedoh.
• Unplgged has a feature on the Pollockian laser show you can create with only a Roomba and....a lot more tech know-how than I'll ever have. But you should try it!
• "Inspiration: Bringing Famous Art Into Your Home On A Budget" includes an incredibly simple & addictive make-your-own-Pollock website.
• Finally, "Make Your Own Jackson Pollock Inspired Shower Curtain". Has anyone tried this? Did it work? Was it awesome? Or messy? Or awesomely messy?

Images: Studio by Joe Fig, Kid's Painting by Alejandra Valera for Ohdeedoh, Roomba Project & Photos by Reconscious via Unplgged, DIY Digital Pollock from Apartment Therapy, Shower Curtain from Restoration Hardware, Pollock from Apartment Therapy

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