Jaman: Movie Rentals From Your PC

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you an international film buff? Or maybe you prefer to watch independent films. Jaman is an internet-based movie rental service, much like Netflix, but instead of receiving your movies through the mail, you download what you want from the internet, and watch via Jaman’s client. Their library doesn’t contain the latest hits, but instead, independent films from throughout the world.

We tried the service out, and were quickly impressed with a fast download speed of 400 KB/sec, and decent video quality (not HD by any means, however.) Our short film was ready to watch within minutes, as you can begin watching before the download completes. We found the program’s interface easy to use, and liked how it allows you to browse the Jaman site without having to return to your browser.

The site charges $1.99 per seven day rental, and allows you to purchase the film for $4.99. Short films are free, and you can try it out for yourself with three free rentals. If you haven’t tried hooking your computer up to your television set, Jaman gives you the perfect excuse to try out a web-based media alternative in your living room.