10 Things That Say Home To Author Jancee Dunn

published Apr 11, 2018
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(Image credit: Photo: Elena Seibert; Illustration: Kath Nash)

Author Jancee Dunn has answered a lot of questions in her writing career, from what it’s like to interview Dolly Parton to why her 60-something mother decided to get a tattoo. But her most recent book, How To Not Hate Your Husband After Kids, might be answering one of the most difficult questions of all. In honor of the book’s release in paperback this April, we asked Dunn to give us 10 items that help her love (and not hate) her home.

10 Things That Say Home: The people might be what really makes a house a home, but great stuff can help too. We’re asking some of our favorite people what 10 things make their space feel like their own.

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Rosti Mepal Cirqula Multi Food Storage Serving Bowl in Nordic Black, $20 at Amazon.
I can hardly wait to have leftovers so that I can put them in these glossy storage bowls. They represent the best of Scandinavian design: sophisticated, modern, durable. They come in many subtle, dreamy colors, but for me, the black takes it to another level of food storage. They’re also microwave and dishwasher safe.”

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Fringed Mexican Beach Blanket, $69 at Las Bayadas
These light blankets, made in Mexico of traditional fabrics, are so beautiful and versatile: I use them for picnics, as a beach blanket, as a throw. I love the happy colors, and they hold up nicely in the wash. Put anything on them—a puppy, a baby, a bowl of fruit— and it’s an Instagram post.

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Sateen Sheet Set, $198 at Snowe
“I end up bitterly turning on every set of sheets I ever buy: either they’re too fine and tear quickly, or sturdy but too thick, or after a while they get weirdly baggy and kind of sordid looking. Snowe’s 400-thread count long-staple cotton sheets are none of these things. They’re lightweight but strong, and deliciously cool and silky. I think I’ve finally found my forever sheets. Usually when this happens, the company goes under.”

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simplehuman Step Trash Can in Rose Gold, $130 at Amazon
“I’ve had this trashcan for a year now, and still, I rejoice in its rose gold color whenever I throw something out. It’s well made, too: there’s a liner pocket inside the can where you can store the bags, it’s fingerprint-proof, and the lid closes in a discreet, almost polite way.”

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Penzey’s Toasted Onion Powder, $4 at Amazon
“Condiment of the gods. I go through cases of this. You know when you cook something, and taste it and think, ‘Huh, this isn’t blowing me away?’ Shake some of this in. It zhushes up anything, giving it the most savory, magical, delicious flavor.”

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Minois Paris Gentle Soap, $12 at Smallable
“I love using French children’s products for their mild scents, and this all-natural moisturizing soap, enriched with organic orange blossom flower water and organic honey, is my absolute favorite. Their bubble bath is similarly delightful, and the bottle looks so nice on the tub.”

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Shell Bisque Dinner Plate in Soft Pink, $22 at Spring
“I covet Mud Australia’s dinnerware, but it’s insanely pricey. I searched for months to find a lower priced equivalent and finally found these handmade porcelain dinner plates in a delicate pink that’s almost a neutral. They bring me joy on a daily basis.”

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Andre Jardin Tradition Copper Sponge, $12.50 at Amusespot
“Scrubby sponges are a kitchen necessity, but they are all uniformly hideous —except this one, from a venerable French company. It’s as elegant as a scrubby sponge can get, and scours off anything without leaving scratches.”

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Sandoval Interior Aromatics in Wood, $45 at Goop
“This is how I transform my Brooklyn apartment into a Northern California forest. Made from 100 percent natural essential oils such as cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver, it’s lush but not overpowering. I practically spray it up my nose. And I’m a sucker for packaging, so I love the sleek, jet-black bottles.”

Marbled Cone Shell, $1.50 at Etsy
“I think this is one of the most gorgeous shells in the sea, and it really warms up a sterile space. I have a brass tray in my bathroom with some of my display-able toiletries along with a big, beautiful marbled cone shell. And a grouping of varied marble cones looks so pretty on a desk.”