Janel’s January Jumpstart Project: Desk Redo #1

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Now that our January Jumpstart contest is underway, I’m working hard behind the scenes here at home – it’s not easy sanding and painting in between publishing my posts. Just kidding- the bulk of my project time will be on the weekends, but I’ll be blogging away about it during the week.

After announcing my project waaaay back before the holidays, I continued my research and made the final decision on which paint to use. I kicked into gear last weekend with some shopping and gathered everything I (hopefully!) will need to get this job done…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I went with the One Shot Sign Painters enamel from Pearl Paint. I’ve heard it is super high gloss, which I want, and that it flows nicely, drying with less brush marks (hope this is true!). I haven’t worked with oil based paint in a while and am already anticipating NOT enjoying the brush clean up, but c’est la vie.

In the end, I decided on white for the desk – here’s why:

A) I just simply can’t get past the whole “white shiny” obsession I have going on these days.

B) I could get the white in a special “speed dry” formulation – which is important since I’ll be painting it in a cold, damp basement and it’s gonna need all the drying help it can get.

C) I plan to repaint my living room white (from the yellow it is now) later this year, and I like the look of white on white.

My husband convinced me that I really did not want to sand the entire desk by hand before painting (and again between coats) so he (very kindly) braved the North Avenue Home Depot on Saturday and picked up the Black and Decker “Mouse” sander for me – along with two grades of paper (medium and fine) while I hit Pearl Paint on Chicago avenue for the paint and other supplies. He said it was very highly recommended for furniture by the punky diy-expert-type fellow shopper who was picking up supplies while he was in the sander aisle. Good enough for me!

Full Supply List:
From Pearl Paint-

  • Gallon One Shot Speed Dry Sign Painters Enamel

  • Odorless Turpentine Substitute – Turpenoid

  • Cheapo White Nylon brushes x2 (the expensive ones were just TOO scarily expensive, fingers crossed for these)

  • Carpenters Putty

From Home Depot-

  • Black and Decker Mouse Sander

  • Black and Decker Sandpaper refills – medium and fine

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Next up: Actual Work!

I hope you are underway (or will be soon) on your project and will share it with us later this month (and hopefully win a prize while you are at it)…check here for all the details.