Janel's January Jumpstart Project: Desk Redo #2

Janel's January Jumpstart Project: Desk Redo #2

Janel Laban
Jan 15, 2008

My last project post was all about the shopping (the oh-so-easy part) but in today's thrilling episode, I actually do a little work - the prep.

I notoriously am impatient at the start of a project. I detest making gauge squares (I just want to knit already!), am not a fan of pattern cutting (Let's get that sewing machine humming!) and figured sanding the desk would evoke similar feelings - but I actually enjoyed it...

...in part because I really didn't like the color/finish of the desk and was happy to see it eradicated after living with it for way too long. Honestly though, I think the real reason it was quite pain-free was because the sander worked well. It was easy to use and generally made what could have been a tedious step quite speedy. Go Mouse!

Here's the breakdown of what I did -

Step One: The desk is actually just the bottom part of a roll-top desk. I definitely don't want a roll top (I didn't like the proportions of the piece with the roll top on it AND it just encouraged the hiding and hoarding of junk in there - not good). I removed the roll top piece some time ago, but there were four holes in the top of the desk where it had been attached, so this was the chance to make a fix and to fill them with wood putty.

I filled the holes very carefully, avoiding making a mess on the surrounding wood. It was not really filling them properly. I was trying to be too careful. Why bother? I was about to sand the heck out of the thing!

I wised up, globbed it on and didn't worry that it looked scary. Let dry overnight.

Step Two: Break out the sander! Unpacked it, attached a piece of medium grade sandpaper (it velcros on!) and go. Vroom vroom. Oops - not wearing a mask! Oops - didn't buy any! Darn it. Check the art supplies/tools closest in the kitchen. We have a package of masks. Yay! Start sanding in earnest. Easy and fun.

Step Three: Vacuum off all the dust, clean up all supplies and feel virtuous.

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