Let’s Go! The Cure Begins with a Quick Confidence-Boosting Declutter

published Jan 2, 2017
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Leading the January Cure for the past few years has taught me so much. We humans all really love a fresh start and really really want to make our homes cleaner and more organized, but the concept of trying to get everything under control all at once, on our own, is simply too BIG. So, we don’t even want to start. But, once it’s broken up into smaller bits, readers tell me they often want to keep on going after after completing a task. They actually want to do more, not less.

So, this year, I’m kicking off the Cure with a little confidence booster and motivator; it’s a quick chore that still packs a punch. Knock it out and then promise me you’ll STOP for the day. It’s enough for our first assignment and should leave you feeling confident that, one step at a time, if you stick with the program, you can get this done. (Because, I know, you absolutely can!)

It’s Not Too Late! You Can Still Join The January Cure:

(Image credit: Abe Martinez)

Today’s Assignment:

Choose a drawer, any drawer! Socks, undies, a jumbled makeup drawer in the bathroom, or maybe even the dreaded junk drawer in the kitchen. Maybe you want to clear your t-shirt drawer or where you store the remotes. Totally up to you!

Open it up and go to work – toss what you should (you’ll know it when you see it), move stuff you can pass on or donate to a separate shopping bag for now (we’ll deal with this bag later in the week, no worries!) and move whatever doesn’t really belong in this drawer to where it does belong. Then, do a quick clean of the bottom of the drawer with a damp cloth, replace the keepers and pat yourself on the back. Done!

Now take just a second to pause and consider the chore you just completed. It probably was not so bad to do, it’s nice to have a cleared drawer now and you still have plenty of time to do other things. Pat yourself on the back and remember this feeling.

Then, make a pact with yourself to rinse and repeat with a new drawer on a regular basis moving forward (one a week or one a month, up to you! no rush) and you’ll find that this chore gets faster and easier over time until you are someone who simply no longer has cluttery over-stuffed drawers.

One of the best January Cure takeaways is the realization that paying a little bit of attention to your home on the regular is like putting gas in the tank of your car; it’s the fuel it needs to keep on running smoothly. Your place doesn’t need a full overhaul every time, just a little bit of maintenance will keep it in good shape.

But, for today, stop after your single drawer clearout (don’t go crazy now – stick to the pace and just do one). Please share your progress with us all – which drawer got the treatment and how did it go?

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