Reward Yourself: A Better Bedroom by Sunday Night

published Jan 20, 2017
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January is a time of swift change and new beginnings every year, most of them self-imposed in the form of resolutions, ending in varying levels of success. When it’s an election year, it can be a moment of change for the world outside, too; all the more reason to make the space that supports, nurtures and centers you – your home – a place of calm and control. This weekend, we’re moving into the bedroom for a deep clean. It’s one of those jobs – like the first weekend’s floor assignment – that, when done with effort and intention, can really make a difference in how you feel. Your room will not only look better, it will be a healthier, more restful place to sleep for months to come. You’ll definitely feel rewarded for your efforts – not bad for a few hours work!

In the Eight Step Home Cure, Maxwell reminds us that the bedroom just might be the most important room in our homes. He writes, “It is where you will spend the greatest amount of time when at home and where your health will be most directly affected if you don’t sleep well”.

(Image credit: Sandra Rojo)

This Weekend’s Assignments

You know the drill by now: weekends on the Cure means a nice big assignment with some extra time to get it done, resulting in a well-deserved, very virtuous feeling by the time Sunday evening rolls around. Let’s get it done!

Pick up your weekly flowers

(or show your plants a little love!). Everyone deserves these beautiful blooms for sticking to the Cure, even if you have some catching up to do – you’ll get there, just jump back in on this weekend’s bedroom cleaning project and then play catch up with the other stuff later. We’re more than halfway through and you can do this!

Give your bedroom a good, deep clean.

This should be a very thorough job. The aim is to rid the room of as much dust and potential allergens as possible. Here is a sample guideline deep clean plan that you can use as a checklist:

  • Pick up and put away all clothes, books and belongings
  • Declutter surfaces (remove change, jewelry, etc and put in proper places) Strip the bed
  • Launder all bedding, including mattress and pillow covers
  • Flip and/or rotate the mattress
  • Vacuum curtains with brush attachment and/or clean blinds
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Dust all surfaces and wipe down light switches, fixtures and ceiling fan
  • Push aside the bed, side tables and dressers and vacuum/clean under them Remake the bed
  • Enjoy a sound sleep in your freshly cleaned room!

And, of course, we’ll all be around this weekend in the comment thread, so check in and let us know how the bedroom is coming along, as well as progress reports on catch up work or Cure projects.

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