One Last Cleaning Blast: Conquer the Big, Bad Bathroom

published Jan 24, 2017
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(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

FORGIVE ME. I’m asking you to clean your bathroom on a Tuesday. I’m sure there are probably laws against that or something. But, I’m all about proving that we really can GSD when we set our sights on a goal, and this is one last chance to “make it so”. If we can knock out a fast, frantic, but successful bathroom clean tonight, we can do anything! Plus, if we do it now, your final weekend of the Cure can be spent oh-so-much-more-productively-donating-the-stuff-in-your-outbox, ok?

(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

Today’s Assignment

Clean the Bathroom

I’m sure you have a process down that works for you, but if it helps to have a checklist to follow along with, here goes:
  • Grab the towels that are out on hooks or bars, along with the shower curtain (if you have one) and throw them in the washing machine.
  • Clear the counter, put everything in a box and transfer out of the bathroom temporarily.
  • Put your cleaner in the toilet and let it sit while you…
  • Clean the sink, scrub the tub and give the drains a good flush with vinegar followed by hot water.
  • Clean the toilet.
  • And, then, do a good overall clean of the counter, tiled walls and floor. You might want to try this nifty process, which I tried for the first time after reading about it in Real Simple: spray the counter and tiled walls with your favorite spray cleaner and turn the shower on HOT for a few minutes until it gets steamy. At that point, turn off the shower and close off the bathroom for 15 minutes or so to help make the cleaner more effective (it really works!). Come back and wipe things down with an absorbent cloth (a swiffer-y type mop can help you reach up high if needed). Dry everything well. Finish off the job by wiping the floor tile.
  • Finally, shine up the mirror and replace the towels and countertop goodies.
  • Extra credit project if your showerhead is cloudy/lime-y: Cover your shower faucet with bag of vinegar and secure with a rubber band. Leave it there overnight and tomorrow, rinse! It’ll be cleaner, without all the scrubbing.

Let me know if I’ve gone too far, finally pushing you all over the edge into Cure oblivion…or if you are ok with this and either will get it done OR perhaps just keep on keeping on with your own Cure pace? Either way, MORE POWER TO YOU for sticking with it. We’re nearing the finish line…

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