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published Jan 4, 2021
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Apartment Therapy’s January Cure is a free 20-day program all about loving on your home and preparing yourself and your space for the new year. Sign up now to get daily lessons sent straight to your inbox!

Do you want a cleaner and less cluttered home? Of course you do. We all do. Maintaining an in-control home has never been a more important part of a happy, healthy life than it is today. That’s why I am so excited to kick off the 2021 January Cure with you today!

We’ll start with the first assignment below, but if you’re new to the Cure, let me tell you a bit more: Apartment Therapy’s January Cure is part-decluttering, part-cleaning, part-decorating, and all about loving your home.

I’ve hosted the Cure for many years (Hi! I’m Taryn), and to be honest it is my favorite thing that I get to do in my job as a cleaning editor here. I love jumping in with all of you right at the start of the new year, as we all begin to notice the date on the calendar and experience that “oh man I have to get this house under control” moment. But the pandemic may have spurred that moment into focus a lot sooner than January for you this time around: Maybe you tried your hand KonMari in May, then bought all the bins in September, and even tried no-spend November to get your consumption under control. Those are all great efforts, but they don’t provide a full picture of all the efforts a happy home requires.

I love the January Cure because it’s not just about decluttering or organizing. It’s just about loving your home. And yeah, decluttering and organizing are a big part of that. But it’s also about seeing your home from a new perspective (literally) and filling it with things that make you smile. And I’m here to coach you through all of it, day by day, until Jan. 29.

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I’m so thrilled you’re here with me on this journey, so let’s jump right in to the day one task…

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Day 1: Declutter one drawer, anywhere in your home.

Choose one “drawer” anywhere in your home and clear it out.

The spot you zero in on is totally up to you—and it really doesn’t need to be a drawer at all. You can target any cabinet, basket, bin, or cubby, as long as it’s small and manageable.

Taryn's Tips

Don’t kick off any home improvement project by biting off more than you can chew. The first thing on your list should be something simple that’s easy to begin, and quick to finish.

Here’s a quick list of steps:

  1. Take everything out of the drawer and empty it onto a surface.
  2. Clean the drawer while it’s empty.
  3. Sort through everything, looking for things to recycle, throw away, or move to another home (in your home, or out to a friend or donation center).
  4. Put everything back, organizing as you need to sort and keep like items together.

We kick off the Cure with this assignment every year—it’s somewhat of a tradition. But it’s objectively a great way to jump in: It’s a small and un-scary task that warms up your mind and your heart for the rest of the Cure journey ahead.

So just tackle this drawer today, and know you’re ready for everything that lies ahead!

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