January is Art Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re back, and wow, what a lot of activity! We haven’t even finished getting through the amazingly long open thread from Friday, but kudos go to YOU, dear readers, for carrying on our mission (ie. “changing the world, one apartment at a time”) on your own (or shall we say “one long chat at a time?”)

This month we dedicate to ART, meaning where you find good art, who makes it and how you get it framed or mounted.

Art is so important to the home.

But while we always recommend that clients avoid posters and cheap prints in favor of original, handmade or quality pieces, it is not always easy to find things that you like. We hope to continue to solve that problem this month. In our Stores Guide – artwork you will already find a list of good art resources, and in our Services Guide – artists, you will find a small, but growing list of good artists that sell their work directly.

If you have any tips, send them in and we’ll blog them.