January Jumpstart: Best of Martha’s Craft of the Day

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Still not sure what to do for your January Jumpstart project? We were going back through Martha’s Craft of the Day projects and found enough ideas to last us at least until the end of the year. Our favorites after the jump!

In no particular order our 5 favorite projects are:

Pieced Pillows (since pillows are what we’re working on!)

carpet bulletin board to help organize our desk area for the new year. Plus we’ve been looking for any excuse to use Flor tiles!

DIY decals to revamp some dishware or even a lamp?

Measuring table to really help create a space for all of our crafty projects (instead of always moving things off of the desk to work on anything!)

monogrammed boxes which we think would work well applied to boxes full of things we’re trying to organize.

Has anyone tried any of these? Got any feedback or other favorites? See all of the crafts here.