Laure's Project #1: Why Spraypaint is your Friend

Laure's Project #1: Why Spraypaint is your Friend

Laure Joliet
Jan 9, 2008

Let's face it, we all have big dreams when it comes to our living spaces. We're going to learn to reupholster, to refinish that cabinet, to rewire the bathroom and demo the drywall too. But if you're anything like me, my skills leave a little something to be desired. I also happen to be a smidge on the lazy side. This is why spraypaint is my friend and why it can be yours too.

Spraypaint doesn't discriminate. It helps to have experience with it but you can get great results your very first time. And if you're looking for a January Jumpstart project that can be finished easily consider sprayaint your friend. It can absolutely save a piece of furniture, lamp, frame, stool, you name it, it can be revamped in an afternoon and one can of spraypaint.

Here's what that chair looked like before:

A few key points.
1) Make sure whatever you're painting is clean and something the paint will stick to (they make special paint just for plastic for example). This means if you're spraypainting wood that has a finish you'll want to give it a light sanding to rough it up.
2) Don't spray paint when it's windy. This seems obvious, but you'd be surprised.
3) Even if it isn't windy lay down plenty of newspaper to cover where the mist will likely end up and then a foot more.
4) Wear a mask.
5) Even if you're impatient, really hold the nozzle at least a foot from what you're painting. It will go faster if you hold it closer but you're likely to get drips and an uneven job. Remember that many light coats are beter than one drippy one.

Through the magic of spraypaint I have salvaged quite a few chairs and a footstool or two. And a mirror. And a lamp. The list goes on.

If you have any leads on low voc spray paints please share them in the comments. I know that Jill's Paint in Atwater specializes in Eco-Friendly paints, so if you're close by you might try there! Otherwise: happy painting!

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