Jeni Aron: The Clutter Cowgirl

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just got a tip on another organizing maven who has – thank god – a sense of humor.

Jeni Aron is The Clutter Cowgirl and a “true Virgo.” She is ready to wrangle your home into shape. She covers closet weeding, paper trails, making things pretty, moving you in and out as well as general home organization. AND if you are a couple who are having trouble sorting out how to get both of your belongings into one new space, Jeni will wrangle you both into perfect harmony as well. Pricing starts at $50 an hour. (Thanks, Laura!)

Laura says: I personally don’t like ANYONE, including my boyfriend of 4 years, going near ANY of my “STUFF” but Jeni’s easy-going, non-judgemental style had me at ease in minutes. I was actually having FUN at one point during our session!!

Amazing, considering that moments before she arrived I was praying to God, she’d have to cancel so I wouldn’t have to do through all of that crap. HIGHLY recommended!!

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