Jennifer's January Cure: My Fourth Week

Jennifer's January Cure: My Fourth Week

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 29, 2013

collection1:27.jpg So far I've been doing the January Cure mostly solo, with some begrudging help from my boyfriend (the media blackout was where I really lost him). But I think he's finally starting to warm up to the idea (great timing, since it's almost over). Case in point, his new "display area" to showcase a few of his treasured possessions. That's right, my boyfriend has more photos of David Hasselholf than of me. Eat your heart out, girls. Here's what else we did this week:

Day 14: Get paper and files in order.
When I was a kid, my favorite thing about starting a new school year was the day before school started, when I would ceremonially lay all my new school supplies on the living room floor and label, sharpen and organize to my heart's content. I'm not sure exactly what happened to that elementary school work ethic, because I've been pretty lax lately. Since most of my bills are automatically paid online, I've been fooling myself for months that the pile-on-my-desk filing system was good enough for the random tax form or warranty card (you know, super unimportant stuff like that). Well, I finally got myself over to the Container Store (ie. heaven) and picked up this file box. Now I'm organized like it's 1989 again.

Day 15: Exercise some cord control.
Day 15 was an epic fail in this house. This photo of our "before" cord situation actually looks better than our current cord explosion. I got halfway through this project (just about the point when it looks worse instead of better) and realized that I didn't have enough velcro ties to wrangle this mess. And since this table/desk is so exposed, there's not a tape solution in the world that's gonna look decent. So, until I hit the store, our cords are perfectly organized — all over the floor. Oops!

Day 16: Give your bathroom and medicine cabinets a cleanout.
Since our medicine cabinet is about the size and shape of a briefcase, most of our (my) beautifying potions are under the sink in open bins. This system is actually genius for preventing clutter. The bins are already full, so I'm operating on a strict one-in-one-out policy. If a new lotion doesn't fit in the bin, I have to remove something else so it does. It's like I'm a bouncer, or the girl manning the door of a crazy sample sale. Nothing can get past me without a rigorous and judgy appraisal.

Day 17: Take a look at your living room lighting.
So far, I haven't shared any photos of the living room because of our horrible lighting. Between the window and our overhead lamp, I just can't get a decent photo most of the time. We've got one arc lamp with four bulbs so we get a decent amount of soft, flattering light, but since it's overhead and the only light source in the room, I usually find it too dim for reading. We definitely need to get a smaller lamp of some kind. I'm thinking an industrial, pull-out sconce that could fold back to the wall when not in use. Remember this amazing DIY from Manhattan Nest? I think I feel a copycat project coming on.

Day 18: Weekend chores, flowers, living room, empty the outbox.
I have a weird quirk about the trash can on my computer: I just can't stand to see it full (if only I were that way about the actual trash can). I have been very much the same way about the outbox; I hate having it cluttering the entryway, so I've been emptying it almost daily — into my car. So my car has been doing outbox duty along with being my backup closet and satellite office space. This weekend's task was just the kick-in-the-pants motivation I needed to get me to finally stop at Goodwill and drop everything off. It feels great to have a clean entry and a clean backseat. I think I'll treat myself to a carwash, too!

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