Jenny’s Virtual Dollhouse: Decorate with Furnish®

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a great tip from reader Jenny, who’s found a way to model her new apartment’s layout using free software from BoConcept. Says Jenny:

…”it lets you do a room layout, multiple 3D views, and then you can do a virtual 3D walk-through of your room. You are limited to the furniture provided, but most of it is fairly modern and generic. On top of that, you can change finishes, flooring, wall color/type. When you’re done, you can print it out all to scale.

I call it my “virtual dollhouse” and have been having fun trying on different pieces of furniture and for trying different room arrangements. And it’s free!”

Sounds like a fun way to lose a lot of time, not unlike The Virtual Model.

Thanks Jenny!