Jesse & Lucas’ Simply Stylish Home + Studio

published Sep 12, 2011
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Name: Jesse Kamm (fashion designer) & Lucas Brower (founder of AP Academics)
Location: Mt. Washington – Los Angeles, California
Size: 1500 square feet
Years lived in: 1 1/2 years

Jesse and Lucas’ home represents both their love of great design and a rather minimalist lifestyle. As we photographed her home room by room, Jesse was busy working in her office getting ready for big fashion events in New York and you could tell that the energy of the home is concentrated in her home office/studio. The studio is where she is inspired to create a new dress, blouse, or another piece of clothing. Her most prized possession that resides there: a thank you note from Anna Wintour.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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Jesse filled me in on an interesting story related to the history of her house. In her own words: “The day we moved in, our neighbor up the hill peeked his head over the wall and said, ‘Hey there, you guys know the history of this place? Elvis used to party here.’ When the owners first moved in, they found a box of photos in the attic. Apparently this house was built for some hot model in the 50’s. It was called the “Swish Chalet.” She would host swinging parties and there was a 12-man hot tub on the back patio. There were photos of Elvis and the model partying in the buck. Luke and I thought it was hilarious. In the beginning, whenever I would hear Luke coming down the hall, I would say “Elvis, is that you?” Dorky, I know. But funny, right? I mean it’s ELVIS for god’s sake.”

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Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Clean. Minimal. Simple. Open.

Inspiration: Collecting things from my life, my travels, and the natural world around me… it keeps me close to where I’ve been and where I am going. We love finding little gems at swap meets, estate sales, flea markets, etc. It brings us great joy to bring a piece with history into our home and put our touch on it, making it ours for years to come.

Favorite Element: The ceilings, pocket doors, the beat up hardwood floors, and the giant Eucalyptus trees on the back hill.

Biggest Challenge: This house was pretty ugly when we moved in. We changed all of the fixtures, hid a lot of hideous things by wrapping them in wood. We painted walls and doors. The house has great bones. I have done what I can to take the focus away from the things I dislike and spend a lot of time thinking about how great it will be if I ever buy it.

What Friends Say: It is so “Jesse Kamm” – whatever that means.

Biggest Embarrassment: I have 3 — the kitchen floor, the gold hardware on the french doors, and the metal security doors — kill me.

Proudest DIY: Building the reclaimed wood bench that sits in the entryway to the house.

Biggest Indulgence: The Danish coffee table in the living room. Our son Julien is trashing it, but I think it will give it character…right???

Best Advice: Don’t collect too much stuff. You can not take it with you when you leave this world. I believe it fully. I think that is why I am such a minimalist. I would rather have an experience than an object. I like to spend all of my hard earned dough on vacations.

Dream Source: Rosebowl!!! Hands down my favorite.

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Resources of Note:

The dining room table and chairs were found at a junk shop on Santa Monica Blvd. The wood was shabby chic, and there was plaid + toads + rooster FABRIC on the chairs. Luke (my main man) refinished the wood, and I reupholstered the chairs with fabric I found at Michael Levine in Downtown LA. Mid-century cabinet found at the Rosebowl, $60.

2 Mid-Century couches (one in Julien’s room and one in the living room) were a set we found at the Rose bowl. We bought them from a drunk guy for like $250 or something crazy.

The Danish coffee table was from that same junk store on Santa Monica Blvd. I have no idea of the name, it was 6 years ago and a total fluke, but it was a great investment.

End table was a gift from my friend Sierra… she was moving and passed it along.

The beautiful ceramic lamp was made by my friend Victoria Morris. We traded dresses for pottery. I love a good swap!!

The vintage camping chair was from “Uncommon Objects ” in Austin TX.

Reclaimed wood bench, built by Jesse Kamm

The mid-century sling back canvas and teak chair I found at the Fairfax Flea market for $40. Major SCORE!!! I am somewhat ashamed to say that our comfy couch is from IKEA. About 7 months into my pregnancy I decided our stark modern couches were to stiff and uncomfortable and I needed something that I could relax on. I also knew a little beast would soon live in my home and I did not want anything too precious. I looked on eBay and Craigslist for weeks and then one day I said honey… take me to that little Swedish outfitter in Burbank, I buying a damn couch today! It is funny how having a child will lower your standards of different things. You learn it is best to never say never… You will likely end up eating your words.


  • Mid-Century teak plywood dresser – Craigslist in Austin
  • 50’s Danish comb back chair – “Uptown Modern” Austin TX
  • Bed – Simmons
  • Side Table: Vintage cherry wood breakfast tray – Fairfax Flea Market

Both work tables in my studio were left to us by a friend. Wooden shelving unit, found on the street in West Hollywood.


  • Pottery by Kathy Kamm (my sweet and talented mother) and my dear friend Victoria Morris.
  • Textiles by Jesse Kamm, UTILITY canvas, vintage Turkish and Egyptian fabrics.
  • All natural artifacts collected by me, around this world.
  • Wooden bowls by Scot Brower… my father-in-law


  • Julien’s Crib – IKEA with organic wool mattress
  • Master bed – Simmons Olympic queen (mattress on floor), gifted from my dear friend Steph for our wedding


  • Vintage drafting lamp in bedroom – Rosebowl Flea Market
  • Dining room barn lamp, somewhere online, I really have no idea where… google that shiz…

Here when we moved in…


  • Behr – Swiss Coffee


  • Numerous paintings, drawings, and sculptures around the house by Claire Ellen Oswalt
  • Photographs in living room and dining room by Jed Lind
  • Photo on Mantle by Uday Kak
  • Paintings in bedroom and bathroom by Allyson Mellberg
  • Print in Bedroom by Heather Frazzar
  • Tapestry in Julien’s room – vintage Egyptian weaving from Rosebowl Flea Market
  • Boat painting in Julien’s room by Yarrow Earth Hock
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks Jesse & Lucas!

Images: Juan Enriquez

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