Jessica & Jered’s Solar-Heated, Stylish Home

updated Dec 19, 2019
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Name: Jered and Jessica Bogli
Location: NE Portland, Oregon
Size: 3600 sq ft
Years lived in: 3ish

Jessica and Jered’s abode is as environmentally conscious as it is luxurious. With its roof-top solar-collectors that provide heat 10 months of the year, the overflowing edible garden and the outside/inside use of lovely porch space, this home embodies high-end green style.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Jessica and Jered came upon their extraordinary space a few years ago after Jessica repeatedly jogged by building project. The couple had been searching for a unique space and when the builder, noted for his sustainable practices, said he no longer wanted it for himself, and would Jessica and Jered be interested, Jessica stopped in her tracks and the rest is history. Within a few hours, their offer was accepted and they were the new owners of a very stylish, open home. That was one fortuitous run that Jessica set out on! Since moving in about three years ago, Jered and Jessica have decorated with a mixture of hi/lo mid-century furniture and objects (bought, collected, and found, i.e., the tree stump in the living room was claimed by Jered after a photo shoot he worked on!). They favor simple lines, artwork discovered in odd places — old notes, hand painted skateboard decks and old coloring books are framed and look great — and sweet personal details such as mini bicycle figurines.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One noticeable aspect of this fabulous home is how open the space is. With floor to ceiling glass doors lining most of the rooms, facing porches and the garden, the outside and inside co-exist on one and the same plane. This is such a great way to spend time, with doors wide open or napping in a hammock attached to the deck. These glass doors, coupled with the giant windows and large tree in the yard, keep the house cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. The home’s insulation is made from recycled blue jeans. The eight solar collectors on the roof provide the home with heat for about 10 months of the year and hot water year round. A rooftop garden of native plants also help to cool the home in the warm weather months and absorb much of the Portland rain fall. Jered and Jessica love to garden and the beds Jered built out of imposing steel are ‘dog proof.’ Meaning, their rottweiler Oliver, “a vegetable lover,” can’t dig in the just-out-of reach beds. The garden has a modern, structured sense balanced by all the organic plants.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Jessica and Jered, a school-health-education consultant and graphic designer at Nike, are committed to many green practices within their lifestyle as well as in their home. An avid skateboarder and bicyclist, Jered would rather be outside in the elements on either of these modes of transportation than traveling by car. The couple often cook for large groups of friends, Middle-eastern and Thai food, with the produce they grow themselves. Both being from the East Coast originally, they have embraced the relaxed vibe of the West and emphasis on sustainability. Their home is a reflection of their love of great design, which just so happens to be green. Jessica and Jered have created a space that inspires creativity and good times. Join us on a tour!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Re-Nest Survey:

Our style: Something old something new something borrowed something used

Inspiration: Function

Favorite Element: LIGHT – for instance the theatric view out of the master bedroom!!

Biggest Challenge: Keeping up with the yard!

What Friends Say: Your house is amazing, can I dog sit.

Proudest DIY: The raised beds in the back yard – figured out the sized, locations, had steel cut and delivered, literally unloaded 1+ ton of steel by hand in under an hour (just Jess and I!), did all the welding, had dirt blown in and DONE! They heat up nice and the peppers, tomatoes and eggplants LOVE the beds – greens; not so happy.

Biggest Indulgence: The stove – six burners and duel fuel – perfect.

Best Advice: Be true to yourself…

Green Elements/Initiatives:
• planted roof
• thermal solar system
• blue jean frizz insulation
• quality windows
• lots of garden space
• no south facing windows

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


• Viking and Bosch range
• A black and decker toaster oven we’ve had since 1997
• Lots of other mixers, choppers, blenders and such

Hardware: Lots of it… some fancy and the name I forgot, some IKEA.

Furniture: Bought, found, borrowed, IKEA, West Elm, DWR (couch), CB2, De La Espada, Calagaris – just make it work!!

Accessories: Stuff made by friends and loved ones, nicknacks from travels. I tried to keep a giant tray of moss alive in the shower, but it kinda creeped Jess out…

• Mostly natural
• The big ol’ stairway light from HiiH on Alberta we call it “the potato” or “mr. peanut”
• Scavenged from various “staged housed” for dirt cheap… again just make it work!
Cerise light from Rejuvenation
Pendant light from Rejuvenation
Mid-century modern lighting from Rejuvenation

Rugs and Carpets: Let’s not talk about that – let’s just say “dog friendly” and easily replaceable/inexpensive!!

Tiles and Stone: Honestly we forgot the guy’s name, but the tile wall and master bath are from this rad guy in Chicago. They are amazing!

Window Treatments: Industrial and effective.

Beds: De La Espada and IKEA

• Sue Coe
• Cynthia Connolly
• Kevin Noonan
• Rob Botsford
• Shepard Fairey
• Andrei Molodkin(supreme)
• Jered Bogli
• Matt Ursin
• Hatch Show Print
• I Love Dust
• Thomas Campbell
• J. Otto Seabold
• Ryan Bubnis
• Cecelia Singer
• Angela Jernejcic
• Vanilla bicycles
• Vintage old posters
• Lots of old educational materials that Jess has collected
• Some rock posters
• An original Per Welinder freestyle deck
• Pieces picked up while traveling and more!

Paint: White

Flooring: Tiger wood

(Thanks, Jessica and Jered!)
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(Images: Leela Cyd Ross)