Chip and Jo Disagreed About Whether to Buy This Castle—Guess Who Won?

updated Jan 27, 2020
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Credit: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Even though “Fixer Upper” ended nearly two years ago, the Gaines family still capture national attention.  Their success has been apparent with their multi-channel businesses including TV shows, furniture collections, and even a coffee shop. But what if I told you they still had some dreams to fulfill? Well, Chip’s ultimate dream of owning a castle finally came true

While Chip is always full of farfetched ideas, this was one that Joanna couldn’t get behind either at first. The Waco castle Chip wrapped his dreams around wasn’t even on the market when he first fell in love with it. This gave him a chance to build his case to his wife, and eventually convince her that a Cottonland Castle is exactly what they needed. The 6,700 square foot building was fully built in 1913 as a residence for then architect Alfred Albeel. It had been vacant for more than 20 years before the Gaines purchased it in February 2019.

“Chip likes to say that I’m a ‘slow yes,’ but I can’t help but wonder how often I’d be a ‘hard no’ if it weren’t for his resolve to see past the current state of something to what it could be,” Joanna wrote in a recent blog post.

When imagining a vacant building that is over 100 years old, it’s only normal to fear old electrical, unsound structure and even a ghost or two.  Joanna shared, “The first time Chip drove me by the old abandoned house, I watched his eyes get big and I could see excitement building. Yet when I looked up at the downtrodden castle, all I could see was an incredibly daunting project—not to mention the place looked haunted.”

In true Chip fashion, he used his wit, charm, and humor to convince Joanna to change her mind and share the castle dream with him.  “It finally felt right to me,” she explained. “Chip saw the beauty and potential in this place years earlier than I did, but he never gave up. Because of that, we now get to make this castle beautiful again.”  The couple purchased the Cottonland Castle with plans to renovate at some point.  Maybe it will make an appearance on the Magnolia Channel when it launches later in 2020. We’ll have to wait and see.