Joggler Family Hub Calendar Syncs With Cells

Joggler Family Hub Calendar Syncs With Cells

Taryn Williford
Mar 5, 2009

From UK mobile service provider O2 comes the Joggler. While it certainly has the distinction of the least descriptive name ever, it could be a revolutionary product in the realm of family communications. As an add-on to your family's cell phone plan, this touch screen device becomes the hub for your family's calendars to sync, mass messages to be sent and pizzas to be ordered at the touch of a button. The best part? It could be coming to the States through Verizon Wireless...

The Joggler hub hardware, which will be available in the UK in April, is simply an expensive (£149.99, or $212) box with a 7-inch touchscreen and 1 GB of internal memory. It offers USB connectivity and internet connection via an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi. None of this stuff is crazy new technology, but the way it's being applied is sure to make some families say "Finally!"

The Joggler was designed mainly as a way to get families to share in the new O2 Calendar application. The O2 calendar, again nothing revolutionary in itself, is basically like every other calendar application including Google's program, allowing you to access your appointments via computer, mobile and now Joggler.

Match that calendar with the Joggler's connectivity to the family cell plan and that means that everyone gets SMS updates to be back home for family game night or to remember to say "Happy Birthday" to your second cousin, once removed.

The Joggler also offers a user interface that makes it easy to get traffic reports or weather conditions at the touch of a button, or, as is popular with the Brazilian version of Joggler that already was released, send the regular pizza order to the local delivery spot.

You can also make voice calls from the Joggler on your mobile plan and upload music and photos for your listening and watching pleasure. If this makes it to the states, as Tech Digest hinted that it might do with Verizon, it's sure to find it's way into many kitchens.

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