Jonathan Adler’s Latest Style

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Not for everyone. Listening in on yesterday’s thread and suddenly feeling that
Adler is very much in the air (it must be spring?), we don’t want to weigh in so much as we want to get this on the table. This is all in reference to Pilar Viladas’ article

Since starting his ceramic design business over 10 years ago, Adler’s style has come into its own and mutated from an organic, understated love of elegance to an over the top, funked up, in-your-face glam 50’s,60’s,70’s idiosyncratic tour de force. In a sense, he has leveraged his early success to convince the world to go for something bolder… a lot bolder.

The question is, is there a lead here to follow? Or is this self-celebrating detour better watched from the roadside? While we love the spirit and the fun of it all, we would rather sit this one out.

Adler has gone from a universal, intuitive design sense to a hard-core niche that excites but doesn’t give us anything to take home.

Or is there something else going on? Isn’t there something no one is really saying? Aren’t we (with our doubts) just another lilly-livered heterosexual who can’t deal with Adler and Doonan’s out-of-the-closet, I-am-not-doing-this-for-you-but-for-me, to-hell-with-Martha-Stewart-and-all-that-bullshit-safe-suburbany lifestyle/design?

We think this may be the rub. Adler has taken off the kid gloves and has given free reign to his “outlaw” side. He doesn’t expect everyone to follow. He wants to shake things up. Hey, isn’t this New York City’s job? On this note, we say god bless him. We can’t all be from Kansas…

Additionally, Viladas says,

Doonan and Adler’s place is that it perfectly illustrates an increasingly popular approach to decorating that’s all about the mix.

While not a earth shatteringly original comment and while she clearly wouldn’t move into Adler and Doonan’s home, we would agree with her here. Perhaps we should discount what it all LOOKS like and just take note of the MIX. That excites us.

What do you think?